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    Exactly on 11th April 2013 we signed the statute and began an unusual adventure.
    During the Easter, four new children arrived in Kasisi. They are waiting for adoption, get to know their stories!
    We would like to inform you that the third edition of the project "Make Kasisi rich" entitled UNUSUAL LESSON FROM AFRICA has just started!
    On Ash Wednesday, Szymon Hołownia has proposed you a very precise way of experiencing this day, as well as beginning the Great Lent on his Facebook page. 
    How the wonderful celebration it was! Just see how fantastic it looks like!
    Every next story is a question about how quickly we can show this wonderful, innocent kids that the world does not have to look like this …
    The Easter holidays are just around, so everyone is thinking about celebrating them. We too.
    On Great Thursday, nineteen of our children solemnly received the First Holy Communion (Laskey, Patrick, Harold, Jack, Moses, Matthew, Emmanuel, Gladys, Patience, Sarah, Cynthia, A
    Chileshe is going to undergo a major orthopedic operation today. We want to ask you for your praying, good thoughts and holding your fingers crossed!!!
    The operation of the hip was successful.