For several years, "my" place has been the Kasisi orphanage in Zambia, run by the Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate Conception of Polish Stara Wieś. The orphanage works only thanks to the generosity of people of good will, and there is no support from the Zambian state. The needs are enormous, to provide all children with food, clothing, medicine and the possibility to learn.


I have been many times in Kasisi. I’ve been looking at the heroism with which the sisters every day strive to provide the children not only with food, shelter and medicines, but also with school tuition and all the necessary treatments. When the children grow up – they help them to find a job. I can say that in Kasisi you breathe faith through the skin. This is Christianity in its pure form!


I have been coming here long enough to make sure that every penny is spent optimally here. I like the philosophy of the place - imitating Angelina Jolie and uprooting children from their African home through adoption to western ‘heavens’ leads nowhere. Instead of funding the trauma of being an immigrant, you have to do everything, in order to make them become wise, compassionate and loving people who will change their country so there will be less tragedy in it. In this way, the "capital" that we invest in them, will pay off for much longer than the lifespan of this generation.

Nowadays, there are about 250 children, some of them have HIV, some AIDS, tuberculosis, anaemia, syphilis, etc. Part of them is quite healthy, and the only thing they need is love and support.

On 11th April, 2013 I founded the Kasisi Foundation, as I would not be able to do everything that was needed here on my own. And I did not want to do it alone. Helping is not torment of sacrifice but the bliss that opens up  a completely new world in front of you. I have soaked in it, now it's your turn.