Electricity in Kasisi

Raised amount: 1710 PLN
Target amount: 5000 PLN


We have collected 1710 PLN


For the last few months life in Zambia has been made significantly more complicated. The matter of honor for the previous government was that there would not be power deficiency for anyone. The government changed two years age and so the power condition of the country. The lights have gone out in all of the country. It is said that Zambia has a big energy debt to repay. In order to pay it off the electricity stops supplying the subscribers every day in the morning and goes somewhere else. The situation lasts until late afternoon hours or sometimes electricity lights up all the devices for a moment to go off again to be back late in the evening. People of Lusaka  have got use to it – they do the schedules of power supply and they built their house choirs – cooking, washing up, charging the battery - according to it. At hospitals and other places where power cut is out of question – a constant purr of electricity generators is heard.

There cannot be otherwise in Kasisi. A great electricity generator standing behind the dining room turns itself on around six o’clock in the morning. It’s a sign there’s a power cut and that we start to make it ourselves. Fortunately, Kasisi is self-sufficient in this case. House of Hope and other medical equipment are supplied by solar panels, which we presciently bought two years ago. The dinning room itself is supplied by oil generator. The rest of the House must manage without power. The big engine works like madman, as it is not just an engine out of mini moris, it an engine which can easily be put into a proper lorry. Beacuse of that it should be tanked up like a lorry. The fuel spendings, which are neccesary to refill power deficency, sum up to 1300 USD extra per month. It’s quite a lot for an electricity bill, you must admit that. We need your help so that the children will never be denied warm meals of working kitchen, lab check-ups of House of Hope or simple goodnight story telling.

We have started the fuel project and invite you to join in. The collection will be renewed every month to keep the following tanks fullfilled. There are 30 lightbulbs on the project’s page. To keep Kasisi full of playing, acting and shining – all the lightbulbs must be lighted up. Each one starts shining after 167 PLN will be put towards project’s account. You can light one up yourself, with your fiends, family, people from work or school. You can donate a pound, a dollar or two or whatever you can. If - by the end of the month - there are all lightbulbs lighted up, we can sleep peacefully knowing that Kasisi will not be put into pitch-darkness.