The Sisters in Kasisi are well known for the fact that despite low budget, they have earned a reputation of one of the best-operating orphanages in this part of Africa. They have been running the home so efficiently and with so much heart that it is known from Cape Town to Congo. The fame of the place makes foreign guests visit Kasisi. In the archive pictures we have found Yasir Arafat visiting the house. On the 4th of July George W. Bush together with his wife visited Kasisi, and a month later, on the 27th of September came princess Anna. Kasisi is visited by airline crews and various foreign delegations arriving in Zambia. However, the visits have so far brought no long-lasting help for the orphanage in Kasisi.

 On the 20th October 2013 during their official visit in Zambia the Polish Prime Minister, Donald Tusk and his wife came to the orphanage in Kasisi. The Prime Minister, greatly impressed by the meeting with our children, the Sisters and the way the orphanage is run, admitted that Kasisi had become one of the most important points of the entire Zambian trip (and later spoke of it on numerous occasions, for example at Warsaw summit of Noble Prize Winners. A tangible result of the visit was the purchase by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (within the so called little embassy grants) of 24 backup accumulators, which let us have electricity in Kasisi all day long. We have also got the opportunity to apply for a similar grant next year. The Minister of Health, Bartosz Arłukowicz, accompanying the Prime Minister, promised to help us by making available lists of contacts to specialists who could help us conduct accurate medical tests of the sickest children and identify people whom the Sisters might ask for help to get access to basic medicines. The supply of medicines has been shrinking (and no more will be delivered since the British Airways have stopped operating in Lusaka).

 Speaking of exceptional moments we must mention that according to the ruling of the President of the Republic of Poland of 29th June  2011 on the bestowal of orders and distinctions, Sister Mariola Mierzejewska was decorated with the Chivalry Cross of the Polonia Restituta Order for exceptional achievements in helping children in need.