Help James

become a doctor - 3. year of studies


We have collected 109.2%

On January 9th we launched the project “Help James become a doctor” with the shares for the medical school for James, a very able pupil of Kasisi, who has always dreamed of becoming a doctor. The Sisters in Kasisi cannot afford to pay for such studies of their pupils. Within four days we managed to collect PLN 40 000 - the sum needed to pay for the first year of medical studies for James in Poland.

On 17 October 2014, we successfully completed Fundraising for the second year.

We are opening a new stall - this time donations are for a III year of James' medical studies!

We are looking for 4 000 people who will donate PLN 10 once a year for this purpose (it's only PLN 0,83, if you prefer it this way :)). If you want to donate more- feel free, as we will use the money to fund next years of our young doctor's education or to create a separate scholarship for his books and other basic everyday needs.

Today, I am making a standing order for PLN 10 every month for this purpose. James is really worth it. In Kasisi, it is our mission to provide the children with the proverbial fish but also to feel the right moment when they need the fishing rod. It's so great that- thanks to your help- we can fulfil this need, too.

James has been in Kasisi since his early childhood. He is a recent high school graduate. James is ''super-apt” and has had very good grades. It has always been his dream to become a doctor. However,  the Sisters in Kasisi can't afford to pay for children's higher education, so James started working to earn the money himself. He is currently working as a male nurse at the Coptic Hospital in Lusaka. He puts aside small amounts of money from his low salary to follow Alick's footsteps and start medical assistance studies at Lusaka Apex Medical University.

A few months ago Sister Mariola told us about her dream- to let James' talent develop in a more effective way than education in Zambia would allow. So, maybe let's send him to medical studies in Poland? However, first reconnaissance showed that universities are not eager to give a free place for a student from Africa if they can give it to a Norwegian or British student who will pay a full tuition. I thought again about the idea when I heard about devotion with which James nursed Francis in the last days of his life. He didn't sleep and came to Kasisi in between the shifts at the hospital just to be with his dying friend. He took care of him with such great concern that there's no doubt – this boy has a vocation to work with patients and it can't be wasted.

We will keep looking for ways to fund a scholarship for James, however we have decided not to wait and put his future in somebody else's hands, depending on conditions that surely will be set. We are starting to collect the money for his medical studies in Poland today. The estimated annual tuition for studies in English is about PLN 40 000. Other necessary things like accommodation, food and books will be provided for separately and hopefully in the form of a scholarship which we may manage to persuade somebody to fund.

For now, we have to collect the PLN 40 000 to start with so that we can tell James, ''You're going”. As for now, for one year. Still, I am sure that if we collect the money for the first one, it will be even easier for next years. Or maybe somebody will tax themselves for the whole six years and donate PLN 60? We already know that we never know as far as you are concerned... :)

And what if it turns out that we can't collect the necessary amount? Surely, the money will not be wasted and some other child in Kasisi will benefit from it. It will be spend for educational (and only such) purposes of a child selected by Sister Mariola.

We will be more than happy. Whatever the place, James will be a living symbol of the House in which children whose life hasn't been all roses can believe anew that the sky's the limi and that no dreams are beyond their reach!

For as little as PLN 0.83 a month we may have the honour to fulfil a good dream of a man in need who wouldn't be able to develop the gifts he has received without us. Let's give him a start to a decent and good life. It's his business what he will do with it. Actually, this is the beauty of giving- you give with faith that the recipient will use your gift in the best possible way.

We will give him a rocket and let him fly to happiness!

Szymon Hołownia