Kasisi is a missionary village. Dominican nuns had their house here in the 1920'. The foundation of the orphanage was a result of particular situations and needs.

    The first child was brought to the Dominican in 1926. People, who found a girl, did not know her origin. Her mother left her while they were forcing their way through a burning bush. Burning out the bush is common in Zambia - in such a way the area is cleared of any hazards that may be lurking there. Unfortunately, the fire often gets out of control and become very dangerous. So it was this time: trapped in a fiery circle, a woman laid on the ground and sheltered the daughter with her body. The girl was brought to the sisters who took care of her and named her Paulina.

    After two years, the Dominican left the bush and moved to the capital – Lusaka. The mission in Kasisi was taken over by Polish sisters - Servants of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Immaculate Conception. The mission was located then in a modest house. The sisters lived together with several children in one room. Children were sleeping in cardboard boxes. There were no living conditions for them, but there was the great love of sisters and the will to fight for the life of every child.

    In 1989 there were almost forty children in Kasisi and it was one of two orphanages in Zambia. The other is a smaller one in Kitwe (Northern Zambia). The demand for orphanages was not so high as it was governed that after children lost they parents, close family took care of them. Unfortunately, the situation changed when in the early nineties Zambia, like other African countries, faced the problem of AIDS. The mortality has increased rapidly among young people who have just become parents. The habit of taking care over orphaned minors was ended because families were not able to cope with the growing number of orphans. The problem of homeless children arose. There were more and more homeless orphans. Nowadays, there are not. People who are forced to leave children under sisters' still appear. Hospitals and hospices often contact the orphanage. Parents die in front of their children there. Police and social services ask also sisters to embrace children who were abandoned, neglected and abused in pathological families.

    There are still more children in need than place for them. Kasisi works only thanks to the generosity of people of good will. There is no support from the Zambian state.