For several years, "my" place has been the orphanage Kasisi in Zambia run by the Sisters Servants of Immaculate Mary from Polish Stara Wieś. This orphanage works only thanks to the generosity of people of good will, as there is no support from the Zambian state and the needs to provide all children with food, clothing, medicine and the possibility to learn are enormous.

Now there are about 250 children, some of them suffer from HIV, a part of them from AIDS, tuberculosis, anaemia, fungal infections, etc. Part of them is quite healthy, and the only thing they need is love and support. On April 11, 2013 I founded the Foundation Kasisi. That was because I wouldn’t manage to do what needs to be done by myself. And also because I do not want to do it alone. Helping does not mean self-denial but it is the joy that the whole world is gaining from this. I have soaked in it, now it's your turn.

The Foundation bases its actions on crowd funding to obtain spiritual, emotional and financial support. We do not want to ask a few for much, we believe in the power of many giving a little: intercession by the Providence, a Like on Facebook or a little money (but regularly, for instance, once a month).

 Foundation activities are guided by the idea that "the world has been arranged so that everyone has something, but no one has everything." I want to show through my foundation that helping others is not about mercy, but about meeting and being happy that sharing and giving lets you enter a completely new world. We can share what we have with the children of Kasisi, and they will share themselves with us. Every day this allows Kasisi to be a place full of  life and joy. Although children are not always healthy, almost always with no money, they seem to beam with such happiness that everyone who comes here thinks only about coming back.