Before the end of the year 2016 there’s a time for summaries. Thanks to your generosity we sent to the Orphanage in Kasisi a total of 378,000 dollars meaning an outstanding amount of 1, 495,958.08 zl!

Thanks to the involvement of adoptive parents supporting our project Adopt with Heart we collected together 949,598.66 zloty.

Our second key project- Food Pantry- thanks to which Kasisian children received wholesome nutritious food gave us a total of 470,228.00 zl.

Through our project Food Pantry, which started up in 2014 as a continuation of Dream Fund of Francis Banda, in 2016 we have collected as much as 52,032.61 zl.

You also supported our special project Academy, thanks to which we could gather 15,295 zl for the education of our pupils and our Garage to which we received 4478 zl.

Thanks to cooperative involvement a lot of students and teachers from all over Poland collected as much as 65, 665.79 zl to our project Make Kasisi Golden, and the action Celebrate with Us topped up our piggybank by 10,629 zl.

Even though in 2016 we started -up couple other new projects. The first of them was Electricity in Kasisi- we transferred to this cause 29,910.34 zl.  The House in Kasisi- a project collecting fund for a new house for the girls from Orphanage. This entire action was supported by Pope Francis, who had donated to this cause 30 thousand dollars, and thanks to this we gave to our fundraiser 13 thousand dollars from our donors. As requested by Pope Francis the house was named House of Mercy.

Thank you!



In 2015 over 200 children of Kasis Children’s Home were supported by adoptive families due to Adopt with a Heart project in a sum of 915 903 PLN. The generousity of doners, who participated in The Pantry project summed up in 399 536,44 PLN by purchasing the food for our little ones. The Pamperer project, founded in February 2014 as a continuation of Francis Banda’s Fund of Dreams, granted 58 110,44 PLN in 2015. 
Kasisi’s Emerancy Ward was repelished with an amount of 22 525 PLN, the Garage and Celerate with us procejst were also successful. The Garage project – complemented in some new functions,  was repelished in 14 961 PLN, whereas Celebrate with us project brought 8 432,53 PLN. 
Moreover the year 2015 was the one during which we managed to start two more new projects – The Academy of Kasisi – a special educational fund dedicated to Kasisi’s children and  workers, which  collected 5 383 PLN. The followig project was African Market – an on-line shop, where handmade objects from Zambia, Republic of Congo and Rwanda can be bought. The market had a peak of interest during the pre-Christmas time.  
Two fundraisers, devoted to the International Day of an African Child, were ogranised – Make Kasisi Golden and Have a taste of Kasisi. The first one turned out to be a comlpete success, due to over 60 schools and kindergartens support. Because of their teachers and pupils’ dedication we managed to collect a great amount of 37 687, 22 PLN. The second fundraiser of that day was based on co-operation with Polish restaurants, which allowed us to raise 3 892,40 PLN. 
The third year of the Kasisi Founadtion’s activity was indeed a hard-working time as you can notice. Therefore beacause of You, together we donated a considerable amout of  1 366 578,10 PLN towards Kasisi Children’s Home! 
The funds were disposed by Sisters according the children’s needs: 

35% - food,
18% - house renovation,
10% - education,
10% - medical treatment,
7% - physiotherapy,
6% - nursing, medical and condtional products,
5% - house modernization,
3% - clothes purchase,
3% - medical equipment purchase,
3% - house equipment purchase. 
In addition, the Foundation donated funds of 21816,79 PLN towards the following causes: 
16894,35 PLN – purchasing medicines for children,
1259,82 PLN – purchasing decorations for children’s rooms, 
2803,6 PLN – purchasing books to Kasisi’s library,
859,02 PLN – purchasing school products.



In 2014 due to our activity we granted the material and spiritual long-term adoption programme for over 200 children by over 3 500 families. The „Adopt with a Heart” project itself has come up to 743 998,58 PLN for Kasisi. The second most popular was The Pantry project, which brought the donations in sum of 361 305,12 PLN. That all means, the the year 2014 was very successful for Kasisi and thanks to Your generosity we could have helpt Kasisi with an incredible money amount of 1 338 581,20 PLN!  

There was also started The GARAGE project in 2014 (which has brought 3 460 PLN by the end of 2014) and at the beginning of the year 2015 it was extended by the extra functions, mainly the attractions for the project’s participants (i.a. the possibility of Zambia sightseeing).


The year 2013 was the first of Foundation’s activity and was a start of the main „Adopt with               a Heart” project, which led to granting of material and spiritual care for around 200 children of Kasisi Children’s Home. The project has brought 117 746,87 PLN - was a success and has been successfuly continuing for 2 years. 

The following project by the Foundation was „The Pantry for Kasisi” – the donations, put towards it summed up to 41 780,50 PLN, were devoted to the groceries puchases for the children of Kasisi Children’s Home.  

There were also two special projects realized in 2013: Christmas for Kasisi (which aim was to organize a Christmas Party in Kasisi – the purchasing of sweets and small gifs) – we have collected 18 507,80 PLN towards it and Emergancy Room - its goal was  to organize a long-term material and spirituals support for Frank and Precious – tha action was completed by conveying of 8 235 PLN



We have carried out some special actions, which donated specificly:

  1. The ambulance’s purchase – 115 PLN
  2. Building of the Orphinage Energy Supply System – purchising of the solar panels – 23 869 PLN
  3. Organising the Christmas Party  – 15 000 PLN
  4. The special medical treatment and consultations for Michael in Poland – 14 000 PLN
  5. The Children’s Day action, which brought 17 000 PLN
  6. The building of the Laundry – we have collected 59 225,69 PLN






The continuing, long-term special projects:

1.    The collection of money towards the payment for James’s medical studies in Poland. The total fees for six years of studies is around 240 000 PLN adding extra pre-course of 40 000 PLN. We have raised the sum covering the cost of pre-course and the first year of university. We’ve collected 34,5% of the fee for the third year of James’s education. 



2. The Found of Dreams, has brought a total amount of 64 179,11 PLN by now. Within the Found we organised: a trip for a group of 10 youngsters to Victoria Falls (in 2014) and a trip for a group of students to Lake Kariba (in 2015). A part of the funds was used for purchasing 14 well-made, wooden bunk beds for the boys , the TV for HOH as well as DVD and Hi-Fi set for Kapadia’s Room, we also have managed to buy some playground slides and bikes for the kindergarden children. In 2015 we completed the renovation of Martin’s House. The rest of the funds will be put towards the following field trips for children and fulfilling their dreams.


Owning to the „Medical Help for Kasisi Children’s Home”, which was realized by the PZU Foundations means, Kasisi has received, highly specialised and very much in demand an ultrasound machine. The machine allowes a full diagnosis for the children with special conditions such as: heart defect,  vascular diseases, acute infections and provides the possibility for screening. This purchase helps us in early child’s diagnosis, in inplementing ordered treatment procedures and in consequence, we believe, will decrease the mortality level amongst the children of Kasisi. 





 THE AWARDS presented to the Foundation:

1. 27th May 2014 – „A Friend of Africa” award at „Non-Profit Organization/Social Activist” category.

The award was granted by the African Parliament Team, the African Institute and African diplomats accredited in Poland.



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