Statutory objectives of the Foundation:


1. Initiating and supporting innovative solutions in various areas of social life, especially in the protection of human rights and freedom, the protection of family life and social prevention for the population of poor regions of Africa.

2. Offering social aid to individuals and families from poor regions of Africa to satisfy their basic needs.

3. Taking actions to help individuals and families in need from poor regions of Africa to become self-dependent and adjust to their environment and to provide conditions allowing for a life with dignity.

4. Organizing and bringing help in every aspect, particularly living support, education and medical care for those from poor regions of Africa, with a special focus on children from the orphanage in Kasisi, Zambia.
5. Supporting organisations, whose goals are consistent with the foundation's activity, in particular those, whose statutory objectives encompass widely understood organizing and bringing aid in every aspect, especially humanitarian aid – living, educational and medical – among to the people from poor regions of Africa.

6. Protecting and promoting health among people from poor regions of Africa.
7. Educating and bringing up children from poor regions of Africa.

8. Promoting and organizing voluntary service.
9. Propagating the knowledge about history, culture and virtues of places where the help is provided.