Special thanks to those who helped our Foundation develop more dynamically:

Yetiz Interactive Company that designed our website.

eFactor company for graphic design for the projects "Ambulance" and "Pantry for Kasisi".

Soltax Company that provides us with accounting and legal help.

Świeca & partners chambers, which provide legal services for our Foundation

The PZU Foundation for having donated specialist medical ultrasonography equipment to be used in a ‘House of Hope’ clinic in the Kasisi Orphanage which is necessary to completely diagnose children having i.a. heart defects, cardiovascular diseases, acute infections and which enables screening. The purchase will help us to diagnose our children sooner and to implement appropriate treatment procedures. We believe it will contribute to decrease children’s mortality in Kasisi.

Medicover Foundation, with whom we have established cooperation as result of which four volunteers were sent to Kasisi.

The African Affairs Parliamentary Committee in the Sejm of the Republic of Poland and the African Institute for financial support for the Kasisi Orphanage.

Mateusz Hołownia for pictures that you can see on our website.

‘Substancja’ printing-house for making projects and printing all the materials, especially for giving the ambulance bought for Kasisi a new look.