Szymon Hołownia 

Founder of the Foundation

e-mail: [email protected]

Małgorzata Stafin
Chairperson of the Board

Several years ago, my and Szymon’s career paths crossed in religia.tv, where I made my three programs: "Skalpel i dusza" ("Scalpel and the Soul"), "Archiwum X Kościoła" ("The X-Files of the Church") and "Święci tacy jak my" ("Saints just like us"). After a few years we met again, this time at the Foundation. He phoned me a few months ago called Szymon and asked if I had heard about the Orphanage in Kasisi, as it is a very important place for him. He said that he wanted to set up the Foundation, and I want you to become its president. We put in your hands our emerging website that will be the centre of the Foundation and of our meeting with you, and your with Kasisi, with the first projects that are just the beginning of what we want and what we're going to do here thanks to you. A head full of ideas (some of them are already in the process of materialization), hands itching to get to work and more and more amazing people who gathered around us, because helping others is for them a very inspiring job like no other work in the world. Work for the Foundation is a great honour and a real challenge and me. I normally run my PR agency and work with the students of the Institute for Media Education and Journalism at Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw.

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Facebook: Małgorzata Stafin 

Mateusz Gasiński
Member of the Board

For five years I worked for the Religia.tv channel as a journalist and publisher of programmes broadcasted in real-time, i.a. of the daily editions of "Rozmównica" ("Rostrum talks").  I was a part of the editorial team of Szymon’s programmes: "Ludzie na Walizkach" ("On leaving"), "Gotowi na śmierć?" ("Ready to die?"), "Między sklepami" ("Lost in shops") and "Bóg w wielkim mieście" ("God and the city"). For several years, I have been working also as his assistant. In the summer 2012, we received the news that the Kasisi needs urgently life-saving medicines, which are not available in Africa. With no hesitation, Szymon decided that I will go to Africa. The next day I set off on my first trip to Zambia, taking the necessary medicines with me. I experienced a family atmosphere in Kasisi, a home full of life and joy and – thanks to sisters – a wonderful community. Through the Foundation we want to infuse you all with this joy. And during my next trips to Africa I will show you through my camera and photos what’s currently happening there. What really matters is to present not only people’s problems as apart from their suffering they live their own lives, full of important issues, rich culture, dreams, friends, ideas. I strongly believe that we participate in something really important and acting together we will make children smile many times more.

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Facebook: Mateusz Gasiński

Who helps us:

Agnieszka Gasińska

I will be glad to answer your bothering questions about the Kasisi Foundation’s activities.

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Facebook: Agnieszka Gasińska

Katarzyna Dąbroś

In the Foundation I personally supervise the project “Pantry for Kasisi”. Any questions regarding the project, as well as the “Szymon's Friday thoughts” project and the loyalty programme “Something good for everyone” you can direct to me. I will be happy to provide any necessary assistance.

e-mail: [email protected]

Facebook: Katarzyna Dąbroś

ks. Marcin Szczerbiński

I was appointed a webmaster :), so you can send me your remarks about the website’s functionality, Facebook notes and comments as well.

tel.: +48 501 928 633

e-mail: [email protected]

Facebook: Marcin Szczerbiński

Our brave volunteers – eager to help whenever we need it:

Monika Trząskowska

Ewelina Jeznach

Edyta Piekut

Karolina Sarniewicz

Magdalena Żurawska

Anna Krzysztofik

Ewa Hajdukonis


We’ve got the first Honour Ambassadress of Kasisi:

Her name is Irmina Somers and she lives in Canada. She is a TV programme, documantry films and short commercials producer, who co-works with DDTVN (morning TVN TV programme) and represents ITVN in Canada. The fact that she comes form Canada is only a confirmation that our Foundation spreads even wider, which rejoices us enormously.

Here’s what has written especially to You about herself and her involvement in Kasisi:

“ Last year, while Francis was passing away, I’ve loved Kasisi and all those children so much, and I got infected by Szymon Hołownia, whom I met at the Polish meeting in Canada. What’s interesting, Szymon’s story about Kasisi got to me in such a moment of my life, when I felt asmy own problems  had been the end of the world – they hadn’t …

During the visit in Poland I met Małgosia Stafin, the chairperson of the Foundation. Having observed what those two enthusiasts along with some other people from the Foundation have done, I’ve longed myself to become, even for a moment, a long distant relative of the whole Kasisi Family...

And it happened … I’ve been invited …

I am Kasisi Ambassadress in Canada. I feel very honoured and accountable.

I pass on the love for Kasisi to whomever I can, having started form my own acquaintances (I really liked “Celebrate with Us” project and after the birthday party, we’ve got more plans for the following charitable events).

I keep looking for the new ways of promoting the Kasisi Foundation and collecting money for Kasisi children. As for the beginning: together with close co-organizators of various cultural events we’ve decided that we add some extra money specially for the Foundation to each ticket; I’ve also made a contact with www.wycieczki.ca web portal – where the same – each client will bring some amount for Kasisi.

This is a good start of my adventure in supporting Kasisi so far ”.