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    Privacy Policies and the use of Cookies 

                General Information

    The privacy policies regarding the use of cookies files main goal is to inform the visitors on or website on the principles of collection and use of information about them when using the services located at the following address: www.fundacjakasisi.pl (hereafter known as collective “Services”), as well as, procurement of service provided electronically, the object in which it is to provide newsletters. Any person who in any way uses the services is the “User”.

    Our main goal is to protect the users of the service from their personal information and privacy on the level that is at least equivalent to the requirements specified in the applicable legislation, in particular in the Act of August 29, 1997 regarding the use of personal data also known as “Act of Protection of Personal Data” from the Act on 

    July 18, 2002 regarding the use of electronic services also referred to as “Act of the electronically provided services” and the Act from July 16, 2004 regarding a telecommunication law known as the “Telecommunication Law”. 

    Administrators of the user’s personal data is Good Factory Foundation in Warsaw (known as “Fundacja”) located at ul. Pomiechowska 47/14, 04-694 Warszawa, KSN number: 0000457951, e-mail address: [email protected]


    1. Scope and Purpose of Collected Data

    Services limiting the collection and use of information about their Users at the minimum required to provide services for them at the desired level. The data collected is active 

    (ie. the data that user provides voluntarily) or passive (ie. the data automatically stored by the server). 

    Providing of personal data by the users is voluntary but necessary to use the services listed on the Services (ex: send request form, newsletter subscription, access to services: shopping panel, registration in the user panel, placing orders and making payments). The data contained in this form is processed in the order resulting from the function of a specific form (ex: shipping newsletter, contact with users, service orders placed on the website, objectives of accounting and statistical purposes).

    The Foundation for the delivery of services on the Services collects the following information: your name (and/or company’s name), address, phone number, e-mail, with the information collected varying depending on the services selected by the User. In addition, when you use the Services the system retrieves the IP address, which is written in the official log. IP addresses are collected only for statistical purposes and are anonymous.

    2. User Authority

    The Foundation provides the user with realization of authorization regarding the Act of Protection of Personal Data, especially the right to access their data and correct them, as well as, the right to the supplement, update, or correct personal data, temporary or permanent suspension of their processing or removal if they are incomplete, outdated, incorrect or collected in a violation of the Act or are no longer necessary for the purpose for which it was collected. In order to implement these rights, User should send their request to the address: [email protected]


    3. Newsletter

    “Newsletter of Good Factory Foundation and Foundation Kasisi” is a free service that sends services by e-mail to users who have subscribed to receive information about the current activities of the Foundation Kasisi and Good Factory Foundation. The newsletter is sent in a form of a message by e-mail, at least once a month, to a specified by the user e-mail address. To subscribe to a newsletter, you need to fill out a form located on the website of www.fundacjakasisi.pl . The user can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time by clicking on the link located in the e-mail to which the newsletter was sent. After clicking on the link in the user’s e-mail the user is automatically removed from the list of newsletter subscribers.

    4. Cookies

    During the visit to our website services on the User’s computer or any other mobile devices there is a record of small text files known as cookies, which communicate with the server’s operator website information on the User’s activity. These cookies are not used for processing of personal data and their content does not allow for user identification. In the services uses the following types of cookies exist:


    1. Session cookies- these are temporary files that are stored on Users computer/mobile until the log out time (when the User leaves the website).


    Blocked session of cookie files by the User will not impact the functionality of the servers, but could partially impede on the use of certain elements.


                 THIRD PARTIES:

    2. Statistical cookies- to record the information on the first/last visit to the website, the duration of visits, viewed subpages, the sources from which the user came to the site of Service. This information does not record specific personal information, but is used to develop statistics on the use of Services. These are Google Inc. files (details on these files can be found at: https://developers.google.com/analytics/devguides/collection/gajs/cookie ....) Please insert the correct website address. The blocking of the statistical cookie files by the User does not affect the proper functioning of the Services. Time storage of cookies is indicated by the w/w link. According to the Telecommunications Law, each user has the right to decide about the access of the cookies to their computer/mobile device by modifying their browser settings. Detailed information about possible ways to handle the cookies are located in the software settings (web browser).


    5. Data Protection


    The Foundation ensures that any personal data that has been collected on the Services, are provided to realization of such services by the Foundation. This information is not shared with third party, unless:

    • the prior expressed consent of the person involved is given related to such action


    • the obligation of giving these data (will follow) from the acts of legislation

                  Personal data transmitted to the server of the Services have been secured by encrypted 

                  SSL connection. The Foundation protects personal data of users using high security and        

                  internal procedures and recommendation to prevent the release of information to  

                  unauthorized persons.


                  In the Services there are link to other websites (ex: Allegro, PayPal, Facebook,              

                  YouTube, Pinterest). These sites operate independently from the Services and are not in  

                  any way supervised by the Foundation. These sites may have their own privacy policies 

                  and regulations which we recommend to read.


    6. Copyrights


    The content of webpages of the Services is owned by the Foundation. All copyrights and personal property toward any of the Services (like: text, graphics, page layout) are reserved. Services and all components are protected by law, in particular the law dated on February 4, 1994 about Copyrights and Related Rights and the Act of April 16, 1993 about dealing with unfair competition. The User has the right to download or print whole pages or parts of the Services for their own purposes, provided that there’s not alteration in copyrights and rights of registered trademarks. No parts of the Services may be reproduced in whole or part, transmitted electronically or otherwise, modified, linked or used for commercial purposes- without the prior written permission of the Foundation.


    7. Final Provisions


    The use of Services constitutes the acceptance of Privacy Policies and the use of cookies as well as commitment to abide to it. The Foundation has a right to make changes to the Privacy Policy and the use of cookies, which may arise in particular due to the current legislation. Changes to the Privacy Policy and the use of cookies are made by placing the new content on the website. The Foundation is not responsible for the independent incorrectness in terms of technical operation of the Services and the interruption in the availability of the Services. The Foundation under no circumstances is held liable for any damages, direct or indirect, arising from the Users use of the Services. The use of the Services is free. Any Users who have questions about the policies applied by the Foundation for the protection of the privacy of the Services may contact us at: [email protected]